OSINT Investigations is the most technically advanced private investigation firm in Canada.


Why is that important to you? We are able to get you the information you need faster and more efficiently than our competition. We are also able to get information our competition simply can’t.

How often have you assigned a file for investigation and got the completed file back with no relevant information to help you? Traditional surveillance is a game of chance. The investigator needs to be in the right place at just the right time to catch the claimant on video. We have removed some of the randomness of the game. We know who the person was before the incident, what they did after the incident and what they are doing now. We can often know where the person will be in the future.


We have built the first and only Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle in Canada. The vehicle is equipped with highly sophisticated surveillance equipment that can be in the field recording 24 hours a day for up to 5 days straight.  We are able to log into the vehicle(s) remotely from our office and control the camera and watch what is happening live.

The cameras are concealed in the vehicles so if someone were to look in the windows they can’t see it. This allows us to break down a subject’s patterns of life showing us when they get up, when they go to bed and when they leave and come back. This then allows us to know when and more importantly when not to have the person followed saving thousands of dollars.

In addition, we have had a 90% success rate capturing activity the claimant says they are unable to do. This is all done for a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance.

Our Services

Investigation Services

From Social Media Investigations to Traditional Surveillance, we offer a wide range of Investigation services. Find more info here.

Locate Services

Need to locate someone but they haven’t updated their vehicle info? Without this finding out where a person is now, is impossible. Our locate service uses social media and proprietary software to locate, serve and document the service. Read more here.