We are a World Class Private Investigations Company

OSINT Investigations has been in the business for several years and our experience and expertise with discrete investigations is unparalleled. With a primary specialty of matrimonial investigations, we’ve got the right experience to get this job done.

Professional Private Investigators

OSINT Private Investigators bring years of experience to the table and can help you uncover the answers you are looking for when it comes to a wide variety of services. We can help with matrimonial investigations, insurance fraud investigations, and help locate missing persons. You can bank on our experience to help deal with the tough situations you are facing. We provide investigative services to Calgary and the rest of Alberta so no matter where you are located, we can help uncover the answers to your problems.

Confidential, Reliable, & Trustworthy Services

Our investigations and our findings are always kept confidential and you can rely on our investigators to attain the answers you require. We maintain a discreet presence when performing our investigations utilizing our skill set to get our information and data without anyone else noticing. We are a world-class investigative agency that can help uncover the answers for a myriad of different problems such as alimony and child support payment issues, child custody issues, insurance fraud, and more. Contact us today to book a consultation to talk about how we can help bring closure to your issues and settle disputes.

Offering the Most Actualized Investigation Expertise

Insurance Investigations, Locate Services, Matrimonial Investigations, Social Media Investigations, and Child Investigations Services.

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As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, technology has never been more available and more powerful than it is now. OSINT Investigations is leading the way in innovation and technology and will continue to solve our client’s problems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner in the industry.
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Our Services

Insurance Investigative Services

Insurance companies need to have a reliable partner to help uncover wrongfully filed claims and discover fraudulent activity before its too late. OSINT Investigations can help determine when fraudulent activity is afoot through a number of different methods. Find out which one is right for you.

Locate Services

Need to locate someone but they haven’t updated their vehicle info? Without this, finding out where a person is now, is nearly impossible. Our locate service uses social media and proprietary software to locate, serve and document the service.

Infidelity Investigation

Is your partner behaving in a suspicious manner? Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Our investigators provide discreet methods of tracking and will gather evidence to determine if your partner is committing acts of infidelity against you. Get answers you need to make a sound decision about your marriage. 

Child Support

Court orders should not be ignored by your past partner. If you are dealing with a delinquent parent and require an investigation to determine if your ex is lying to you, you can rely on our investigators to find the evidence you need to bring to the courts.

Child Custody

Determining the well-being of a child or children is a sensitive matter. The courts require evidence to make a decision regarding the future of your children. Our investigators can find the information you need for the courts to make an informed decision regarding your children.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My complex situation was resolved just as Osint had ensured, using strategies and techniques perfectly suited to my situation. Their detailed way of sharing the information was key to making me feel safe and in the hands of experts, I would undoubtedly hire them again and I recommend them.

M. Iron jr.