Insurance Investigative Services

Alberta Insurance Investigative Services

Is your insurance company trying to investigate certain claims and individuals that could be trying to defraud you? Insurance fraud is a growing problem that stems across the country and North America. Insurance companies must have a partner they can rely on to get them the information they need to properly assess an individual’s claim and monetary compensation. Wrongful claims cost insurance companies 10’s of millions every year, and it is up to you to take action against defrauding. That’s where we come in to help.

Methods of Determining Fraudulent Activities

To determine the level of fraudulent activity being perpetrated by an individual, we perform a series of different investigative services to gather information and evidence against them. Below are some of the methods used to gather this information.

Social Media Investigations and Monitoring Services

We collect data via investigating the individual’s social media accounts to see if there is any evidence that correlates with the claims against the individual. Utilizing social media can be rather helpful in finding patterns of activity that wouldn’t align with someone’s claim. 

We check the person’s social media accounts daily for updates and additional content. This ensures we capture all data possible if the person deletes content or their account entirely. Also, it can aid in targeted surveillance.

We Keep Your Data Safe and Within Canada

All data that is collected either online or through surveillance is kept for seven years at no additional cost to our clients. This includes the metadata to ensure authenticity if ever challenged in court. In addition, all data stays in Canada and does not leave our borders. This is extremely important as some agencies use services in the US. If a claimant discovers this it can lead to a bad faith claim.

Traditional Surveillance Methods

Our surveillance specialists are highly trained at getting you the video you need and not violating the claimant’s rights or their privacy. We ensure to follow the guidelines and regulations bound to us by the government. At no time do we approach or make contact with an individual.

Helping You Identify Fraud

OSINT investigators utilize the above techniques to help your insurance company better gauge if a person is committing fraudulent activities against you. Below are some of the methods we incorporate to help you identify fraud.

  • Surveillance to monitor claimants and expose potential fraudulent activity.
  • Through the use of trained private investigators that can gather and analyze relevant data to identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, and other information that is indicative of fraudulent activity.
  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art technology to discreetly capture video, photographic, and audio evidence to help build your case against the claimants. The courts require full-proof evidence that has little flaws for the plaintiff’s lawyer to pick apart. We have the skills and expertise to help gather and analyze this level of evidence.

Contact an Alberta Insurance Fraud Investigator

If you think one of your claimants is committing fraudulent activities against your company, then you may require the services provided by OSINT. Our investigative process will help you determine if your claimants are trying to defraud you. If you are looking for a company to partner with so that you can avoid this type of fraud as much as possible, book a consultation with one of our investigators today. We can help you save money and keep crime out of your company.