ALBERTA Child Custody Investigation Services

ALBERTA Child Custody Investigation Services

Divorces are filled with disputes and disagreements about the well-being of their children. With many claims being thrown around about how the child is taken care of, and abusive behavior, the courts require evidence to be able to determine the well-being of the child or children at hand.

Unfortunately, the child can be caught in the crossfire as parents battle over custody rights.

To keep the child safe, and the courts with as little doubt as possible when coming to a decision that may affect the child for the rest of their lives, you must find the proper evidence to give to the courts.

Parenting Time/Parenting Responsibilities Assessments

If you require one of these assessments, this can cost thousands of dollars. A proper investigation done by our professional investigators can potentially save you the cost of this massive expense.

Child Custody Investigators

To help you to the best of our ability, we will assign a surveillance specialist to your case. These investigators specialize in the surveillance of your ex-partner so that we may uncover any suspicious behavior by them that could be detrimental to the well-being of your children. Some of these services include the following:
  • Court & Litigation Services
  • Income Verification
  • Vehicle Surveillance
  • Drugs & Addiction Investigations
  • Gambling & Debt Investigations
  • Employment Verification Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Social Media Monitoring and Investigations
  • Wellness Checks

Get The Evidence You Require To Support Your Claims

We will dive deep into our investigation to help unearth evidence about potential abuse, neglect, and other issues that can help directly support your claim for custody. When we conduct our investigation, here are some of the things we look for:

Financial Ability: is the parent able to financially support the child? 
Influences: is the parent exposing the child to poor and damaging influences?
Lifestyle: is the parent’s lifestyle affecting their ability to care for the child?
Stability: is the parent’s home environment stable?
Drugs & Alcohol: is the parent addicted to drugs or alcohol and is this affecting the child negatively?
Criminal Activity: is the parent exposing the child to criminal activity that could potentially hurt or damage the child?
Abuse/Neglect: is the parent abusing or neglecting the child?
Driving habits: is the parent known for road rage or other aggressive driving habits?

If you are suspecting your ex-partner is committing any of the acts listed above, call us today. The physical and mental health of your child is extremely important as they grow up. Children should not be exposed to such things as alcoholism, drug addiction, and abuse. To keep your children as safe as possible, give us a call today to help you uncover the truth. Living in doubt and stressing over answers you don’t have can be tiring and frustrating. Let us relieve you of these troubling thoughts and help your child get the best possible help available. 

Trustworthy, Reliable, Expert Child Investigator Services

The courts consider many factors when coming up with decisions that affect your child. Utilizing a private investigation agency can give you trustworthy and reliable information the courts use to come up with a decision.

Offering the Most Actualized Investigation Expertise

Insurance Investigations, Locate Services, Matrimonial Investigations, Social Media Investigations, and Child Investigations Services.

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